Scarlet Women…

Time to conclude my look at some of the Palazzi of Via Garibaldi (Strada Nuova) which means Palazzo Rosso, the Red Palace.  This again was owned by the Brignole-Sale family, though the matriarch in my last Italian post, and who is represented here, bequeathed the palace to the city in 1874 a few years before … Continue reading Scarlet Women…


Well, Well, Well.

Fans of the Blackadder TV series will be familiar with the Bishop of Bath & Wells as a ruddy-faced sadistic pervert who eats babies!  Whilst there appears to be no historical precedent for this in the roster of clergymen who have filled the role, they do seem to have been an unsettled bunch for the county … Continue reading Well, Well, Well.

Marshall McLuhan, Casual Viewin*

*Broadway Melody of 1974, The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway - Lyric by Peter Gabriel I spend a lot of time looking at photographs.  Too much time.  I look for interesting locations to shoot, inspirational techniques or shooting angles, creative ways to process images, striking poses, dramatic lighting, inventive models and more.  I even look … Continue reading Marshall McLuhan, Casual Viewin*

NSFW (Not Safe From Williams?)

Be warned - this post features nudity. I wasn't intending to post any of these images to my blog originally, but they seemed to take on a life of their own as you shall see. A couple of years ago a woman I met on a date contacted me later to commission me to shoot … Continue reading NSFW (Not Safe From Williams?)

Sex & Doges & Rock & Roll

Mention a Doge's Palace and most people's minds will jump to Venice (mine included), but the concept of a Doge (or Duke) as political leader wasn't confined to La Serenissima.  The same was true of Genoa.  I've already referred to the Palazzo Ducale as the setting for the G8 summit, but this large building is … Continue reading Sex & Doges & Rock & Roll

Brandon On The Up

I don't know whether it was the clarification of the meaning of "gate" in my recent Ripon post but I found myself musing on another place-name that is common in the Durham area, where we have  Framwellgate Peth,  Crossgate Peth, and Peth Lane in the vicinity of the city, and just a little further afield … Continue reading Brandon On The Up

Personal Development

My ex-wife had a simple approach to critiquing photographs; it can't be an interesting picture unless it has a person in it.  The message clearly didn't get through; the majority of imagery here and on my ViewBug profile are of landscapes and architecture.  The strange thing is that I really love photographs of people, whether to … Continue reading Personal Development