Beningbrough Rule Bending Pt II

So back to this new fascination with macro photography that I mentioned in part one. Though none of my nudes have ever been explicit, it seems far less controversial to shoot close-ups of sex organs when they belong to plants, and so I've spent a good many hours this summer getting up close and personal with … Continue reading Beningbrough Rule Bending Pt II


The Air on the Gare

Having written recently about the man-made extension to the mouth of the Tees behind Redcar steelworks (South Gare), I felt in the interests of balance that I should venture across the river to its northern counterpart. The area directly north of the Tees mouth features two nature reserves, and having been freshly inspired by my … Continue reading The Air on the Gare


My East Yorkshire adventure continues... After a good night's sleep in Beverley it was time for a very scenic journey north and east until I reached the coast and my next objective; Flamborough Head. Courtesy of Vera Lynn and decades of subsequent WWII nostalgia, most people associate English white cliffs with one particular location, but … Continue reading Headonist

Life At World’s End

Emerging from my car when I parked near the end of the road to Spurn Head, I was accosted by a cheery soul who had just left his at the same time. "Have you seen it yet?" he asked.  "Or heard it?" I looked puzzled for a moment and listened.  There was nothing but birdsong … Continue reading Life At World’s End

Aqua Vita

Thirty six hours after my arrival in Genoa the weather changed from crisp sunshine to cold, wet misery, so my exploration turned to indoor options. Those options are limited at night but there's one notable exception. Where else do you go in Genoa when it's wet; L'Acquario. As I mentioned in my piece about the redevelopment … Continue reading Aqua Vita

Down and Brown in the Dene of Green

Perhaps I should blame the BBC.  Their annual series of Springwatch broadcasts are full of amazing wildlife photography capturing a myriad of creatures as they raise their young at this time of year.  Or maybe it's my friend Louise's fault who said: I saw the most amazing heron today at Holywell Dene. You need to go for … Continue reading Down and Brown in the Dene of Green

Taken Flight (Farne Islands)

The television presenter and comedian Jim Bowen is perhaps best known for hosting the show based around the game of darts called "Bullseye".  He had a number of catch phrases that  he used in the programme including the one he saved for contestants who had gambled and lost everything: "Look at what you could have … Continue reading Taken Flight (Farne Islands)