Courtesy of a trust fund established by an ex-employer, I've been doing a lot of learning in recent weeks with a view to finding more employment.  It's six months since I lost my last job.  I've also been exploring the options for generating money through my photography, and getting onto the opposite side of the … Continue reading Repurposed*


Another Green World

The prevailing weather here in the UK come from the west.  The systems that cross the Atlantic have a couple of thousand miles to collect plenty of water vapour and then deposit it on the first suitable land that they cross; West Africa, Western Europe and of course the British Isles.  Here in the North … Continue reading Another Green World

Skin Deep

Among the multiple locations that form the UNESCO World Heritage Arab-Norman site is of course Palermo Cathedral. or Cattedrale metropolitana della Santa Vergine Maria Assunta to give the church its full title.  It has every right to be on the list; it was erected in 1185 during the reign of the Norman King William II and … Continue reading Skin Deep

My Name is Nobody (Enna IV)

And so as the two floats have been escorted to the cathedral with a funeral march and choral accompaniments at 7.00pm we are ready for the procession to begin. The robes for the oldest confraternity of SS Salvatore bear a red Maltese cross which suggests a link back to the crusades (this being the emblem … Continue reading My Name is Nobody (Enna IV)

Adventures in Modern Photography Part I

Whenever one of my photographs has received any sort of special recognition on the site ViewBug, I am asked to complete a short biographical questionnaire about the image and my approach to photography, and one of the questions asked is: What do you carry in your camera bag? I must confess that I find the … Continue reading Adventures in Modern Photography Part I

2018 and all that.

Happy New Year everyone; a time for taking stock and making new plans. Me included. In the years that I've been posting here I've long since used my media storage allowance and so paid an annual fee to increase it, but of course the day has come where I'm nearing the limit of that too. … Continue reading 2018 and all that.

As far as the eye can. Sea.

There are peninsulas and there are peninsulas.  The narrowness of the fragile spit that links Spurn Head to the mainland means it is easy to stand with water visible on either side of you.  Proceed south and the Head itself is more substantial, but climb to one of the highpoints and you now have a … Continue reading As far as the eye can. Sea.