A change of tack (Venezia 1)

Just back from a trip to the City of Gondolas, and didn't read Thomas Mann, Ian McEwan or even Michael Dibdin while I was there so I guess I'm out of love with words at the moment (regular readers are exultant at this point!). I did however obtain some artistic inspiration; the Palazzo Grassi couldn't … Continue reading A change of tack (Venezia 1)



November 17th. A beautiful day with golden sunlight. Perfect for the pictures I will not take. It's a painful day too as I realise I will not be able to see this project through to the end. 45 weeks of daily portraits. Longer than a pregnancy, but not the complete article. Thanks to those who … Continue reading Omega

Lumley Autumnly

As I was in Birtley this morning, I followed the road into the adjoining town of Chester-le-Street, probably best known to those outside the North East as the home of Durham County Cricket Club.  Their ground has a picturesque location on the banks of the River Wear, so it was here that I headed for … Continue reading Lumley Autumnly

Mirror, mirror, like a wall

Fulwell, where I grew up, is dominated by the great white limestone guardian that is Fulwell Mill. It stands on a hill looking down the mile or so that runs down to the sea, a position it has held for over 200 years, though it is a long time since it has operated commercially. In … Continue reading Mirror, mirror, like a wall

Three Girls, Two Bicycles, One Camera

Returning from the market on Monday I was heading down the steps to the underpass where I met "The Man Who Fell To Earth" recently when I became aware of a slight commotion beside me.  Two cyclist had dismounted and were manoeuvring their machines down the steep staircase, apparently with some difficulty.  To my eye … Continue reading Three Girls, Two Bicycles, One Camera

But who is Mr White?

Cinema buffs might rush to answer that question with "Larry Dimmick" or even "Harvey Keitel" referring to the character in Reservoir Dogs who along with his fellow criminals adopts a colour as his alias (an idea borrowed from the 1974 version of The Taking of Pelham One Two Three).  Or they might think of Jesper … Continue reading But who is Mr White?


Fancy a little secluded slice of paradise? For just £2.4 million you could buy your own Greek island in the Ionian Sea. Too pricey? Well then only £1.7m will get you 12 acres of beach-front in St Lucia. Still a little rich for your pocket? Half an acre of virgin land on Mayreu in the … Continue reading Private