Let’s Talk

When I was driving in Sicily I opted for listening to podcasts rather than music as I found them less distracting at those times when the challenges of navigating an unfamiliar vehicle, on the opposite side of the road to the UK and with handbrake and gears similarly on the right rather than the left. … Continue reading Let’s Talk


Voce del Popolo

In the current climate where #metoo and #blacklivesmatter seem to be heralding real change there are some interesting debates about historic artworks; either because they represent people or events that are now seen as offensive or because the behaviour of their creators has been equally unacceptable.  Consequently we have seen calls for Confederate statues to … Continue reading Voce del Popolo

Blindly Navigating Feminism

I wanted to write about something that has been niggling me for a while; a niggle given greater weight by the events of 2017 and the reactions that continue in 2018. What's more, because this is a personal cause for rumination I run the risk of becoming self-indulgent. Bear with me if that's the case, … Continue reading Blindly Navigating Feminism

Money Prevailed.

Just a few kilometres from Stourhead is the historic village of Maiden Bradley; a quiet and unassuming place that many pass through on their way to the Stourhead estate.  Here in 1617 was born Edmund Ludlow into a line of politicians.  Like his father Henry, Ludlow was a strong advocate of parliament, but also a … Continue reading Money Prevailed.

Marshall McLuhan, Casual Viewin*

*Broadway Melody of 1974, The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway - Lyric by Peter Gabriel I spend a lot of time looking at photographs.  Too much time.  I look for interesting locations to shoot, inspirational techniques or shooting angles, creative ways to process images, striking poses, dramatic lighting, inventive models and more.  I even look … Continue reading Marshall McLuhan, Casual Viewin*

Fake News & Little Fictions

2016 was a momentous year.  A watershed. History may look back on it as the point where we all woke up to the power of social media as propaganda, or the point where the role of good journalism in digging out important stories, establishing the truth and educating the world to that truth became irrelevant. … Continue reading Fake News & Little Fictions

Addiction? Affliction? Or Going With The Flow?

Can I confess something to you? You might already suspect as much but I think I'm gradually becoming aware of a problem. I'm taking too many photographs.  The combination of intellectual challenge in planning an image, the excitement of loading my results for viewing onto a larger screen and then the satisfaction of having produced … Continue reading Addiction? Affliction? Or Going With The Flow?