Voce del Popolo

In the current climate where #metoo and #blacklivesmatter seem to be heralding real change there are some interesting debates about historic artworks; either because they represent people or events that are now seen as offensive or because the behaviour of their creators has been equally unacceptable.  Consequently we have seen calls for Confederate statues to … Continue reading Voce del Popolo


Praecipua (Part two)

So how did these marble reliefs that had been scattered around Italy and beyond come to be reassembled and displayed in a custom-built museum off an alley-like stretch of Via di Ripetta? To be fair, the location is fitting.  The Via di Ripetta (road of the little bank) has followed the Tiber here for about … Continue reading Praecipua (Part two)

Praecipua* (Part One)

My Latin education ended over 40 years ago apologies if my usage or translations in this piece don't quite cut it, but I was looking for a title that meant status symbol or something similar.  I ended up with things of importance which while not quite the same will have to do. One of the "things" … Continue reading Praecipua* (Part One)


Four letters that bring to mind the Roman Empire and which are equally commonplace around the modern city, but how many of those familiar with the abbreviation know what it represents? Even forty years after my school years I remember Senatus Populus Que Romanus, which simply means The Senate and People of Rome, and for … Continue reading S.P.Q.R.