Glorious Food?

In the last year I've delivered a lot of training on the subject of the forces that drive change and how organisations respond to those forces. One of the examples that seemed to emerge regularly from those discussions was the way in which the UK has become more of a "foodie" nation. We talked about … Continue reading Glorious Food?



There are numerous reasons for me to dislike Rachel Roddy. Hmmm.  That's not quite right.  There are numerous reasons to envy Rachel Roddy.  Better. In growing order of potency let me list them: She's a successful blogger (minor envy) who can muster 20 followers for every one of mine - She married an Italian … Continue reading Seduced

Differing Tastes

Another disappointing British Bank Holiday Monday.  Yes it was dry, and even sunny at times, but so cold and windy that it was hard to believe this was late Spring rather than late Autumn. So when looking for an activity for the day that wouldn't be totally reliant on the weather, we opted for South … Continue reading Differing Tastes

Senza Spaghetti

The TV Chef, and one-man Padstow Tourist Board that is Rick Stein is spending long weekends in locations renowned for the quality of their food for his latest series.  Whilst I totally understood his decision to visit Bordeaux and Vienna, I was surprised that Reykjavik was on his itinerary and Berlin, though it probably says … Continue reading Senza Spaghetti

Rum (Habana 48)

No one knows for certain the origins of the word rum to describe this Caribbean spirit.  I'd always assumed that the use of the word in English meaning "out of the ordinary" might derive from the behaviour of rum drinkers, but it seems the term pre-dates the spirit.  As a result there are some that … Continue reading Rum (Habana 48)


  This isn't a restaurant review blog, nor is it about promotion or product placement, but sometimes an experience is worth stretching the boundaries. We have long been familiar with the concept of being able to identify foods that taste sweet, sour, salty or bitter, but despite the fact that there were a great many … Continue reading Umami

Tapas (SOS)

Sometime in the 1980's, I stayed at a hotel in the Swiss village of Morgins in the Porte du Soleil ski region.  I remember little about the skiing or location after so long, but one thing stuck with me.  One evening in the hotel, presumably so they could allow some staff a night off, they … Continue reading Tapas (SOS)