Saltings & Maltings

I promised in my last East Anglia posting that the Orfordness Light was my next objective, and indeed the next day it was, but first I needed to find my accommodation for the night, necessitating a journey up the coast a little. Along the way I stopped off at a spot that clearly has some … Continue reading Saltings & Maltings


More from the Ore

When does a town become a village? I'm not sure there's a clear point where the reverse comes true, but it must happen as most towns have begun as smaller settlements that have grown or merged from historical villages.  My own birthplace of Sunderland grew from Wearmouth, Bishopwearmouth, and Monkwearmouth according to my primary school … Continue reading More from the Ore

Fording the Ore

My main objective in this trip to East Anglia was inaccessible by car.  I needed to be ferried across the water, and interesting water at that.  The gulls, the fishing boats, the salt air, the rise and fall of tide all point to this being the sea, but this is Orford, the crossing point of … Continue reading Fording the Ore

As Names Go… can't really beat Bury St Edmunds.  They did what it said on the tin. In all my travels around England's green and pleasant land, I've never made it to the East Anglian coast, which given how much I love that environment is perhaps surprising.  The problem is that Norfolk and Suffolk aren't really on … Continue reading As Names Go…