Flatland Leftovers

I had a picture or two left over from my East Anglia jaunt that didn't make it into any of my accounts of  the trip.  Thought I'd share them as a further taster of the area.


Approval (Write your own pun)

And so to my last hours in East Anglia. With a meeting in the North East that seemed important I couldn't spare another full day here, so decided to head for the North Norfolk coast road once again.  Disappointingly you don't see much of the sea; the area being so flat that any obstruction by … Continue reading Approval (Write your own pun)

Eastern Sunset

Having completed my Orford Ness adventure it was time to head further north for my final evening in East Anglia, leaving Suffolk behind and heading for the coast (of course) of North Norfolk.  Only 80 miles or so.  Plenty of time to explore my new environs I thought. I'd counted without two important factors.  As … Continue reading Eastern Sunset

Secrets and Lies

And so I must come clean about the real reason for my visit to Orford Ness. Retracing Dolby's footsteps had some appeal it's true, but I have a very photogenic red and white lighthouse much nearer home.  The coastal nature reserve also has photo appeal, but again there is a wildfowl and wetland centre virtually … Continue reading Secrets and Lies

Natural Ness

The ten miles of shingle that forms Orford Ness is much more than just a long ridge of pebbles with a jeopardised lighthouse at one end. Nature has a way of claiming any environment given half a chance, and has a myriad of methods. The gaps between the pebbles provide opportunities windblown sand and dirt … Continue reading Natural Ness

The Very Visible Lighthouse

A couple of years ago my daughter Holly and I attended an unusual screening at Tyneside Cinema in which a film director was premiering his latest (and only) film. The evening was in three parts. Firstly the film was shown, though soundtrack and narration were performed live from a spot to the left of the … Continue reading The Very Visible Lighthouse

How Fortless

The shingle spit of Orford Ness runs north to Aldeburgh, the town giving its name to the river rather than the reverse.  Places like Doncaster (The Castle on the Don) and Rotherham (village on the Rother) take their name from the waterway running through them, but Aldeburgh means "Old Fort" so is independent of the … Continue reading How Fortless