Walking the Walls

Arguably Dubrovnik's most famous feature, one of the experiences that most visitors to the city consider to be mandatory is a walk along the defensive walls.  Similar in age and circumference to those of Berwick they differ in many significant ways.  The builders in Berwick had access to plenty of earth and so the stone walls … Continue reading Walking the Walls


Game, Set & Watch

The 'Old Town' of Dubrovnik is the original walled city, the heart of the maritime Republic of Ragusa, and though the city has long outgrown those walls and established a new port on the other side isthmus that joins the Lapad peninsula to the mainland.  Nevertheless the original buildings and layout have been largely preserved, … Continue reading Game, Set & Watch

Not So Super Yachtsmen

I'm pretty sure that the money I spent on my family and myself during my trip went into the Croatian economy.  I've never been drawn to the "all inclusive"resort holidays where visitors never feel the need to leave their compound, partly because I'd question how you could ever experience the culture of a destination in … Continue reading Not So Super Yachtsmen

Crowns, Trees and Animal Skins

One of the tasks facing any newly independent nation, and one that the Croatian Government had to address in the early 1990s, is what to do about money. I'm not referring to the economy, although that should be a higher priority, and based upon the competing claims made in both the Scottish Independence Referendum and … Continue reading Crowns, Trees and Animal Skins

Out of Obscurity

One of the things about living in the UK is that its relatively easy to map out what Winston Churchill described as A History of the English-Speaking Peoples, the Celts who populated these islands were joined by the cosmopolitan militia and auxiliaries of the Roman Empire, who were in turn pushed aside by migrating Angles and Saxons, interfered … Continue reading Out of Obscurity