Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji

...was my favourite artistic experience of my recent trip to Rome, where a Hokusai exhibit was consigned to the basement gallery of the Ara Pacis museum.  Apologies if you've arrived here expecting some new insights into Japanese woodblock printing; I chose the title because I was constantly reminded of the collection as I drove around … Continue reading Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji


Beningbrough Rule Bending Pt II

So back to this new fascination with macro photography that I mentioned in part one. Though none of my nudes have ever been explicit, it seems far less controversial to shoot close-ups of sex organs when they belong to plants, and so I've spent a good many hours this summer getting up close and personal with … Continue reading Beningbrough Rule Bending Pt II

Can’t see the wood for the trees? (Musei Vaticani Pt I)

In 1969 the BBC broadcast a six part series called Civilisation which celebrated the development of western art and culture. Though originally envisaged purely as a means to demonstrate the capabilities of newly introduced colour TV, the series had a major impact for many. I was only 10 years old at the time, but still … Continue reading Can’t see the wood for the trees? (Musei Vaticani Pt I)

Blindly Navigating Feminism

I wanted to write about something that has been niggling me for a while; a niggle given greater weight by the events of 2017 and the reactions that continue in 2018. What's more, because this is a personal cause for rumination I run the risk of becoming self-indulgent. Bear with me if that's the case, … Continue reading Blindly Navigating Feminism

Wet Feet & Waterfalls

My last set of Teesdale images for the time being. I'd visited the area because I wanted to shoot waterfalls, and in particular some long exposure shots that allow the spray and streaming water to blur into milky whiteness. A bit of a photography cliché but I didn't have that particular T-shirt. The trouble with … Continue reading Wet Feet & Waterfalls

Teesdale Detail

So with only the "specific details" category left to demonstrate, what subject matter might I choose, especially given that I wasn't travelling with a macro lens to get up and close and personal?  Luckily my 70-200mm telephoto comes a close second for this type of work and so I set to capturing the world around … Continue reading Teesdale Detail

Teesdale Intimate

Apologies to those who arrived here with the expectation of something salacious; perhaps the works of fellow bloggers Chloe Thurlow or Lisa Purr might fulfil a need. Instead this is the second of my three groups of images captured on a Sunday morning along the upper reaches of the River Tees.  There is an obvious … Continue reading Teesdale Intimate