A Fistful of Colours (Enna II)

The reason for so many to be here became apparent only gradually.  The carriage of garment bags and trundling of cases laid a trail that many would follow; though most were deterred by iron gates and returned to the duomo for easier prey.

The patient, and the knowledgable knew better.

Soon creatures of varying plumage emerged from bars, caffés and alleyways.  Many began to gather by the cathedral; consolation then for those who had given up on the main event.

The “man with no name” knew better, passing the time by smoking his last cigarette down to his tattooed fingers.  There’d be time for more tobacco later.  It wouldn’t be long now.

And then an act of athleticism heralded progress.  The gates were open and those who had kept faith surged forward to join the faithful in the tiny church of Santissimo Salvatore, a church founded in the 13th century, along with the rituals that were to follow.

The narrow streets of Enna were to be thronged with a procession of mysteriously robed representatives of a number of different churches, but two of those churches had a far more significant part to play.  My insider, Angelo, had told me to visit SS Salvatore first, and then if it was possible to head as quickly as possible to the Church of the Addolorata.  What was significant about these two?  Part III reveals all.


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