Happy New Year everyone; a time for taking stock and making new plans. Me included.

In the years that I’ve been posting here I’ve long since used my media storage allowance and so paid an annual fee to increase it, but of course the day has come where I’m nearing the limit of that too. Faced with the choice of paying a monthly subscription, or deleting old content to make room for new, or stopping altogether I find myself in a quandary.

I could afford to pay the subscription which would bring other benefits too, but as I pay for other sites that host my images there’s a limit to what is sensible. My life has changed too in the last 12 months; a new house and a new neighbourhood to shoot, but with less time in hotel rooms there are more distractions to take me away from the keyboard (if not the camera). Consequently I’m finding it easier to share my images by daily Instagram posts (@aphotogenicworld ) of late, though of course this prevents me from telling some of the fascinating back stories I’ve enjoyed telling.

So while I mull this one over (and still make the occasional post) feel free to dip into the archives and see what has changed over the 1000+ posts that I’ve published.  And follow me on Instagram please!


3 thoughts on “2018 and all that.

  1. Casting my vote for the continued wordpress blog! I so enjoy your beautiful photos and stories, and I’m not too active on instagram, although I will find you there. More importantly, congratulations on the new home and wishing you a healthy and happy 2018.

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