With my eldest daughter Megan home from London for Easter, and her sister Holly free for a day, we enjoyed the opportunity of a rare day with all three of us, and at Megan’s suggestion we returned to Wallington, a place that was a regular haunt when they were both children.

The challenge for me was to find something different to photograph, having blogged about previous visits in the last two or three years.  Inspired by a recent photowalk (which I might fit into the schedule of these posts sometime around July as things stand) I decided to get in close, using both a macro lens and my trusty telephoto.

Either of these would have been a great choice for portraiture, but Megan’s decision to wear no make up and tie her hair back was a statement of intent not to be photographed.  Holly soon followed suit when the pallor resulting from a night out partying with her sister the previous evening began to make its presence felt.  And so it was time to rely on nature to supply my subject matter.

As with my last visit in the autumn, it was the wildlife hide and the woodland that were most productive, but the tone of the imagery is very different.  Spring is at its height and both in the natural setting of the riverside and the formal horticulture of Wallington’s walled garden there was plenty of vibrant colour; sometimes too vibrant.  Camera sensors have their limitations and I’m used to working within them now, but I always get caught out by the way in which reds oversaturate and “blow out” the details when they are the dominant colour in any given shot.  Luckily I was able to restore their glory in post processing.

With a woodland shoot featuring a red-headed model looming, I’d better get my act together!

Anyway without further ado I think it’s time to let nature do the talking…

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