Apologies to Bradford, but on my last visit I was struggling for material. In fairness my working hours, the shortening hours of daylight, and a reluctance to go driving further afield once checked into my hotel narrow the options.

So what was I left with?  The view from my hotel room revealed little to lift my spirits; multiple lanes of traffic by-passing the city centre and then the industrial units that are inevitable where road and rail converge.  Ah well time to embrace the wisdom of Jagger and hope I can still get what I need.

From my hotel vantage point I’d thought to shoot the dispersal of car lights as they left a nearby junction and diverged uphill, but at ground level I was thwarted, though prompted to come up with a new collective noun; an unkindness of trees!

To business then; in the opposite direction I could at least do something with the evening traffic._pw_8290

Timing my efforts so that the banks of traffic lights didn’t staunch the flow proved challenging, but I persevered for a while._pw_8307

Whilst the addition of a little light rain was a slight discomfort it at least made surfaces more reflective, so I decided to see if I could make something of the metal crash barrier beside me which was becoming more mirrored.

It wasn’t happening for me; nothing really appealed and the rain was now becoming unpleasant.  (Neither my camera or I had come prepared).  As I fled the scene juggling camera, tripod and backpack I accidentally triggered the shutter.  Abstract, random but much more fun than everything I’d shot so far.  I shot another as I ran.

This was much more fun, but not wanting to end up trying to persuade my insurance company that a wrecked camera was entirely accidental, I returned to my room, where with fresh impetus I turned my attention to the rivulets on my window and the coloured bokeh beyond.

The coloured sphere suggested something celestial and so I set to tweaking.  Not quite sunshine after the rain, but you can see what I was after._pw_8319-edit

The things a solitary photographer can get up to when bored in a hotel room.  Could have been worse I suppose.


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