Just a short post to reflect a flying visit made to Merseyside this week.  I might not have taken any pictures at all were it not for the fact that my hotel was within the grounds of a legendary Liverpool landmark.

As you might expect from a site where huge sums of cash change hands, the place has a clean and well-groomed air about it, but much of the architecture is functional rather than imaginative.  There was one building that did catch my eye however, its futuristic design contrasting with the white, blocky shapes elsewhere on the site._PW_9918_19_20_21_22

I’m not sure why, because I know they have little in common, but I was reminded of the Mercedes Museum at Brooklands.

But then with hindsight I did see a similarity – both overlook race tracks, both have seen many thoroughbreds compete.

Have you guessed where I was?  Perhaps I could make it easier for you by stepping back to take a wider shot, one that includes the most famous competitor to have tasted glory here.

The horse is Red Rum, which means I’m at Aintree, home of The Grand National.  Wasted on me I’m afraid; if I want to witness speed on an oval track I’d opt for a velodrome.  Interesting building though._PW_9923_4_5_6_7

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