In the tourist traps of Habana Vieja you will almost certainly encounter those who earn a living by having their photographs taken, in most cases because their garish costumes almost parody the historical look that they seek to portray.  If that wasn’t enough to identify these street actors, then they tend to have a laminated permit around their necks which validates their right to demand cash in return for the attention of your lens.

When I spotted this guy, I assumed that the purple was a distortion of a navy police uniform to give him greater impact in pursuit of tourist pesos.  Police uniforms the world over tend to be variations and combinations of blue, black, white and grey.Havana-5

Surely no country would opt for something as gaudy as purple, especially one where the authority of the police is so important, Fidel Castro once stating that,

The war against crime is also a war against the imperialist enemy.

I gave it no more thought and went about my business photographing more purple around the city…

…until I spotted this motorcycle parked on one of the busier stretches of road and my eye caught the rider just beyond it.  Now if she’s another actor, you have to give her credit for the quality of her props!



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