I was in London on the evening of the recent Brussels bombings; a city that has suffered its own bloodshed at the hands of terrorists.  My hotel for the evening was just a stone’s throw from the Tower of London which only recently rose from out of a sea of blood-red poppies commemorating the dead of another conflict 100 years ago.  It seems we never learn._PW_7716

Across the Atlantic Donald Trump gathers momentum.  If he becomes the next POTUS we can be sure of more conflict ahead – the guy can even pick a fight with the Pope!

But I digress.

The other landmark in this part of town is of course Tower Bridge, and given the day’s events I’d expected it to be illuminated in the black, gold and red of the Belgian tricolour.  That might have given me something a unique image of one of the most photographed structures but it was not to be.  I mused at the time about the forthcoming vote on remaining within the European Union and whether there was any political motivation behind the lack of obvious solidarity but apparently Trafalgar Square was standing in that night.

So back to my problem – shooting a landmark without producing a clichéd result.

I’ve seen some interesting shots making use of long exposure to incorporate light streams from traffic crossing the bridge, but interesting as the results are, the bridge is no longer identifiable.  (With hindsight  I could have walked beyond the first small tower to reveal the taller structure beyond, but I’d have been unable to find a vantage point in the centre of the road.)

_PW_7741_2_3Lots of people shoot from the riverside to incorporate a small fountain featuring a girl and a dolphin – for me though the subjects are better separated, and I didn’t find the fountain interesting enough to warrant its own photograph._PW_7765_6_7-Edit

So now the remaining question was which side of the bridge to shoot from.  No contest – how could I resist the city lights.  Which brings me back to the topic I began with.

Perhaps there is no need for colours; a bridge is symbolic enough.  At least to a religious leader whose title Pontifex means “bridge builder”._PW_7747_8_9-Edit



134 thoughts on “Bridging

  1. Amazing night photography… All are excellent shots but I would especially like to mention the long exposure light stream picture as my personal favourite… Thanks for sharing your wonderful work 🙂

    1. I wasn’t sure what you meant at first by ISO stuff, but I’m assuming you mean High Dynamic Range, where the shadows, highlights and midtones are combined from multiple images, and yes I have used that technique on some of these, particularly the final shot of the bridge.

      1. My camera is a Canon 5D MkIII, and the lenses I use most frequently are the 24-70 f2.8, the 70-200mm f4, the 50mm f1.8 and the 17-40mm f4. Most of these were shot with the 24-70.

  2. I’ve been following your work for some time now, i do love your style in photography. The pictures are awesome and I must say, as a Brit myself, I do agree – London is beautiful.

    Thanks for sharing.

    I was hoping, if you’ve got the time, maybe you’d take a look at my latest post perhaps? I would love some thoughts, positive feedback and/or constructive criticism. It’s titled “The Physics of my Magical Black Hair” and is Part 3 of my project I’ve called “Black Enough”:


    I really do hope you enjoy it and are blessed to share 🙂

    God bless,

  3. These are perfect views. I have never been to London, but those same perspectives of the Brooklyn, George Washington and Ambassador bridges aere gorgeous to me. So this gives me that same artistic beauty.

    1. To my eternal regret, I hadn’t developed (excuse the pun) my photographic passion when I visited the Brooklyn Bridge. Guess it means I’ll have to return!

  4. I haven’t seen so beautiful tower bridge in the evening when I was walking around last night ;< Or I'm just blind. I'm going to see it tomorrow yay! Nice shots!

    1. Thanks – I believe we often miss a great deal of the beauty around us; usually because the ground level facades of buildings are so uniform. Keep looking up and be surprised! (Fabulous hair btw – my favourite colour to photograph!)

  5. A long time ago I had a model Tower Bridge and a tiny boat. When you pressed a little button, the bridge raised up and the boat could pass safely underneath. Your photos bring back many memories. Thank you.

  6. I enjoy a good pic, what I don’t enjoy is the mention about the worst Presidential candidate that doesn’t care about humans, Donald Trump is just another Adolf Hitler !!!!

    1. Hitler had a philosophy that caused WW2. Trump is just a narcissistic child with no philosophy other than self-gratification. But, he is just as dangerous as Hitler, if we let him be.

      1. I left comment on your color photos. The “Bridges” photo is beautiful. I am reminded of Georgia O’Keffees’ “New York Night” paintings. Look at as many as you can. See if your b&W photos change. B&W photos are tough
        to show on a computer screen. Keep up the work & I will look in now & then.

  7. masha Allah, beautiful pictures.. about Trump and the Pope..hhh he can pick a fight with the pope, if he hasn’t (I don’t keep up with Trump news stuff) however, I think Hilary Clinton is more likely to if she gets the chance, think about her policies and think about Catholic theology, I think Trump is ignorant and she is just stubborn.

  8. fantastic shots! everything looks great and i love the 1st pic. and the long exposure too. you took the long exposure shot while a bus was passing under the bridge?

  9. I’m captivated with the first picture which is like an art pasted on the black wall. Of course, the bridges were awesome. And, pardon my ignorance in photography but the lights in those bridges are awesome. Is there a technique for achieving such effect, or simply a skill of using the camera?

      1. The long exposure element almost certainly is – the rest will depend on your camera. Even iPhones will shoot HDR these days!

  10. I don’t know you, but can you marry me? Haha! Just kidding! But seriously, your work is just amazing. ❤

  11. A real work of Art. I am hoping that you didnot use Photoshop. I covet a print about 3’x 6′ hanging from my living room wall. I will follow you.

  12. Tower bridge is on my list of places to photograph at night… the only thing is.. when you work in the City and live outside you don’t fancy going back in at night…. so maybe when he is on holiday we can take a trip up one night. Beautiful shots… love you blog.

    1. Thanks Bren – I know exactly what you mean. I have Durham Cathedral on my doorstep, but rarely set out to properly explore!

  13. So in love with those shots! The colors are gorgeous! I have not been able to travel much but one day I hope to capture some great scenes like these! Thanks for sharing your hard work!

    1. It’s funny how we devalue the places that are close to us. Everywhere in the world I visit I see beauty and forget that there’s plenty closer to home too 😊

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