Havana-2Have you ever noticed that when you’re about to change car you suddenly notice lots of the same model on the roads all of a sudden?  I’m not sure what that particular neurological function is, or what its purpose might be but I had a rather bizarre manifestation of it in Havana.

At some point I noticed a knot of power cables hanging from the outside wall of a building and wondered if this was some illegal hijacking of the power supply by someone who couldn’t afford to pay, but then I noticed another, and another.  There were examples of this everywhere.

So either there’s a blind eye being turned to such practices or the safety standards required of Cuban electricians is rather different from that in any other capital city I’ve visited.  When I visited the Plaza de la Revolución before the May 1st celebrations I spotted this man sorting out the cabling for the lighting and PA systems being set up ahead of the parades by bodging a few connections to a nearby lamppost.

It explained a lot.


3 thoughts on “Power (Habana 43)

  1. In the U.S., apart from the massive safety code violations, this would be called an “attractive nuisance” (something likely to attract children to danger) Someone might think to hook a couple of these wires to a park bench, and just see what happens when someone sits down. Not that I would do that. If there were witnesses, I mean.

  2. You mention “turning a blind eye” — In the first picture, the Frankenstein creation appears to have achieved sentient life, and two bulbous eyes are examining passersby. I wouldn’t go too near it, but I like it! Great shot

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