_PW_7579-EditI’m back in Glasgow, but based more centrally than on previous visits and on foot too, my preferred option for exploring a city photographically.  As a consequence I’ve ended up with too many pictures for a single post so will probably spread myself over two or three.  So what have I been shooting?

Not the people; this is no Havana where everyone will engage you in polite (but financially motivated) conversation.  Nor it is a Barcelona or Bologna where style and attitude are commonplace.  The attitude here seems harder and I’m not inclined to test it.

Nor will it be food and drink, for though the city undoubtedly has some gastronomic highlights the streets I walk are littered (I chose the word carefully) with fast food outlets and the usual suspects of the chain restaurant fraternity.  But raise your eyes a few feet above the gaudy corporate logos and sheets of glass and you find riches.  Architectural delights.

I’ve written before about the City’s mighty past, and the wealth it garnered is evident in the exteriors of so many buildings.  Tired, dilapidated, and stained by years of industry they may often be, but their design and detail is fascinating.  That Wikipedia devotes a page to Architecture in Glasgow is evidence enough. There are churches, theatres, pubs and tea rooms of note here, but for now I’ll just whet your appetite with some of the features and details that are all around you in the streets that emanate from George Square.  Flagship buildings for corporations familiar and long gone.

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