There is much to draw the eye in Havana; brightly coloured people, cars and buildings are all around you so you’re frequently turning your head to see what that burst of iridescence in your peripheral vision is all about.

Then there’s the architecture, leading your eyes upwards to balconies, arches, stained glass, painted mouldings, baroque swirls, art deco lines.

Havana-10The trouble is that you need to be watching where you put your feet too.  The pavements are cracked, gratings on drains are missing or upended, and with so many dogs running loose there are plenty of hazards to catch the unwary, including the risk of treading on some of the creatures that wander the city streets.

There are some rewards though.  In the same way that decay consumes the beauty of so many other structural features there are details to be found underfoot that suffer from similar neglect.

They’re still worth breaking your stride to consider for a moment or two.



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