Feeling sufficiently motivated to head out on my bike before breakfast I expected that I might also capture some moody images along the river.

It had been a bitterly cold night and the cars were still thickly covered in frost, so perhaps the difference in temperature between air and water might create some murky conditions where I might shoot an early morning rower or two emerging from the mist.

Well that was the theory anyway.  As soon as I reached the water’s edge I realised that two other factors had come into play; a breeze over the water that might have whisked away any hint of vapour, but more importantly a blazing bright morning sun that was raising the air temperature enough to prevent the mist from forming the first place.

So now what?   I fired off a couple of shots that benefited from the golden morning light, and they’re pleasant enough in a rustic sort of way, but really, they’re just a bit too twee.

Durham from the River Wear
Durham from the River Wear

_PW_5621-EditThe bright sun behind me perhaps offered some possibilities, but was so low in the sky that I could see little beyond the glare off the water.  The bandstand roof offered some shade but little else of interest.

Switching banks to make use of the trees gave me more hope, though again the sun was too bright for me to look at directly through my lens, so I shot blindly, hoping for luck rather than expecting a great composition.

Making my way back for my breakfast it seemed that Durham City Council were adding insult to injury.  Preparations were underway for a Festival of Fire and Ice (the very combination of elements that I’d already been experiencing).  The sculptors who supplied the various pieces around  the city centre were apparently the same group who worked on sets for Game of Thrones.  Ten of these pieces would be lit by flaming beacons in the evening, though I suspect many passers-by would be praying for one in particular to melt long before that.

Returning home I uploaded my shots and found the image that I had been unable to view due to the brightness of the sun.  It’s not a classic, but its colours do seem right for my appropriated title.  I don’t suppose Mr Martin will mind too much as he counts his royalties.



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