Postcards from the scenic overlooks of life

My recent post “None So Blind” prompted an email conversation about why I would post such a raw piece about my feelings in the wake of the end of a relationship. I left it there for a while for its cathartic effect, but with passing time it felt less appropriate so I have password protected it to keep it private, though after reading this post from Candidkay, I’m wondering whether to draw back the curtains again…


It usually happens to me after I have published a blog post.

Sometimes, it occurs in the grocery store. An acquaintance will approach, face filled with pity, and ask, “How ARE you? Are you holding up OK?”

Or I receive an email that reads, “Your latest blog seemed so melancholy. Is all ok?”

The sentiment behind these questions is sweet. I know it comes from a good place.

But I still find myself scratching my head, wondering about how well this person knows me. It turns out, usually, not so well.

Because if you know me well, you know I go through peaks and valleys just like any of you do. We all hit them in one form or another. But rarely do I stay in either scenic lookout. The majority of my days are a steady path, moving forward. The peaks and valleys are not something the wise among…

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3 thoughts on “Postcards from the scenic overlooks of life”

  1. You’re very welcome – I’m sure your thoughts resonate with many bloggers who draw on personal experience and understand the dilemma of editorial discretion.

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