When I first spotted this woman walking across one of the open parks in the city, I thought that she was going to end up being part of my post on fishnets, albeit an unusual example, but that was before I discovered that there is a political movement in Havana who dress this way.

They were founded in 2003 in response to the government’s arrest of 75 human rights activists, independent journalists, and most dangerous of all, librarians, who were subsequently sentenced to terms of up to 28 years for being dissidents.

Dressing entirely in white to attend Mass each Sunday they then march together through public spaces in peaceful protest against the arrests and the Cuban regime’s control of the media.  Cuba is the most strictly censored country in The West.Havana

How have they been viewed by government?  The act of walking together dressed in white is apparently one of terrorism so they have been harassed, placed under house arrest, and attacked over the years.  As recently as February 2015 over 50 of them were arrested.

Now to be fair, neither of the pictures accompanying this posting were taken on a Sunday, so those portrayed may not be members of the movement or have any affiliation with them, but I thank them for bringing the group to my attention.Havana-2


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