Perhaps I’m a bit distracted by recent events.

Perhaps I was nervous of the proximity of cyclists speeding by as I set up my tripod.

Perhaps the fact that the tripod itself needed some attention and I didn’t have the tools.

Perhaps it was because it was raining (though as I as in Manchester that was inevitable).

Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps.

Whatever the reason I managed to set my camera not to ISO 100, which with the tripod would have given me a nice sharp and relatively noise-free image, but one notch further to auto.

Schoolboy error, because at night that means the camera will take the easy option.  Go to the most light-sensitive and noisy option it can find just to be sure of keeping the shutter speed at a manageable level.  I can’t blame it.  It didn’t know it was on a tripod.

So all the shots I took at Media City, Salford were blighted.

Never mind, I’ll be back in Manchester next year so may get another chance.

On the other hand I’m headed to Bologna this weekend.  Better get my head together so I can produce something better than this:

The Lowry, Salford
The Lowry, Salford

Considering this is my 1000th blog post, you’d have thought I’d have done better!  Perhaps I should have just kept things simple.





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