My friend Sophie hosts a photo sharing group on Facebook with daily themes, one of which is Fishnet Friday. She’d find plenty of opportunities to add to her collection in Havana.

I know, its surprised me too, but as soon as I arrived at Immigration I was surprised at the number of women wandering around in short skirts and fishnet or lace tights. I was already finding the temperature oppressive, so wasn’t expecting to see any sort of hosiery being worn. Still I suppose fishnets provide plenty of ventilation – I can’t speak from experience on that one though!

Over the days that followed I saw many more wearers, almost always with a navy skirt and pale coloured shirt. I began to wonder whether this was some sort of dress code, and indeed that turned out to be the case. It seems that anyone in some sort of official role (outside of the military) must wear this outfit. I wonder who came up with that idea?

What have you got to say Mr Castro?

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