It couldn’t last could it?

Many of the images I’ve posted from English coastal locations this summer have benefited from blue skies and sunshine.  Even those where the skies were overcast were at least free of precipitation.  Whatever happened to the fabled English summer?

There was however a sting in the tail when the last weekend of the school holiday arrived.

With little more than a picnic lunch and short dog walk planned, my friend Jane and I visited Crimdon, on the Durham Coast, to take advantage of its canine friendly sands.  We had just parked when it began to rain from what seemed to be our own personal micro-climate.  Looking around us there were plenty of patches of brightness in the heavens, but directly above us was a large dark grey cloud that was intent on making its presence felt.  Picnic in the car then.

The rain passed quickly however, and so grabbing a small umbrella we descended the steps and duckboards leading over the dunes to the extensive shoreline beyond.APW_6454_5_6

Taking the opportunity to allow Saffy, J’s Yorkshire Terrier, off her leash to trot ahead of us, we walked south to where a group of three Border Collies were enjoying the competition of retrieving a bottle from the waves, and providing me with the inevitable photo opportunity as they mimicked the undulations of the water.

That’s when the second dark cloud struck, and not just with rain.  With torrential rain.  And wind.

Being already saturated the collies were unperturbed, but we began to struggle with the inadequate protection of my small brolly.  As we did so Saffy saw the chance to express her disgust and took off to the opposite end of the beach.

While we discussed who was to give chase, how to protect my equipment, and the predicament of Jane’s increasingly transparent trousers, Saffy extended her head start.

Note to self.  If you’re going to lose a small dog whose colouring is a blend of grey and sandy hues, a beach with patches of coal dust is not the place to do it.

By the time I reunited her with her lead I was soaked.

Now isn’t that how summer should be?APW_6530-2


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