Eggs (Habana 17)

As next week’s post is a little serious, and short of imagery, I thought I’d share this to keep you onside.Havana-2

No, not the woman’s bosom, but the eggs she is carrying.  Amongst the hustle and bustle of the streets in Havana Vieja I noticed lots of people carrying trays of eggs very carefully, so as to avoid the combined hazards of uneven road surfaces, potholed pathways, roaming dogs and other pedestrians.Havana-4

At first I was puzzled by this phenomenon until I asked Geraldine (she of the coffee recommendation) who explained that eggs weren’t always available to buy, so when there was a supply for sale, many people took the opportunity to stock up.Havana-3

Simple really, but it demonstrates how those of us who are more fortunate take for granted the ready availability of all manner of foodstuffs far more exotic than the humble egg.

It might also explain why Havana is the only capital city I’ve visited where chickens wander the streets.


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