I sometimes wonder if I’m a little unusual in being interested in doorways.

Be honest, we’re all susceptible to the temptation to look inside when a door is left ajar; it’s almost an invitation.

Doorways have powerful ritual and symbolic roles too; the Ceremony of the Keys has been carried out daily at the Tower of London for centuries, the Queen’s representative, Black Rod, has the doors of the House of Commons slammed in his face at each State Opening of Parliament, and St Peter holds the keys to the Gates of Heaven.  I could go on.

Every so often an open door in Havana would reveal a scene of opulent splendour beyond.  The majority did not, but that did not diminish their importance.  For some the doorway is an opportunity for commerce and there were many enterprising traders whose stall was an up ended crate and whose stores were the stairs beyond.

You can learn a lot by looking in doorways.

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One thought on “Doorway (Habana 16)

  1. Not strange at all! Or, if so, that goes for me too…

    For me, it’s the idea of threshold… in..or..out; known, unknown….that boundary is very powerful. I often snap doorways, sometimes the start of a poem, and one summer I seemed to click nothing but open doorways and windows.. the meaning of that became apparent only later. Rambling! This is another stimulating piece and the colours are magnificent 🙂

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