Fine dell’Avventura (Venezia 365)

Well this is it, my final image from my project to reveal a different aspect of Venice for each day of the last year.  I didn’t save the best ’til last, but I did save one that is unmistakably Venetian.  I’ve enjoyed the journey as I’ve learnt so much more about the city from my attempts to identify the subject matter of an exposure that had visual appeal at the time, but about which I knew nothing more.

Thank you to those who have followed my journey, my sharing of trivia, stories and personal reflections.

When I studied creativity I learned about the use of random inputs; a technique developed by Edward de Bono and this project has seen a lot of that.  Given a random image what could you find to write about?  Where will your imagination take you?

In my case it has taken me to new levels of understanding of this amazing city, I hope it has you too.

So I bid adieu to La Serenissima.  Or arrivederci may be more appropriate.


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