Acqua (Venezia 362)

It’s the feature that makes the city unique; the lagoon water that has shaped the city, its culture, its cuisine and more.

Perhaps water is a misleading term, for the fluid that constitutes the lagoon is more than just H2O with a smattering of sea salt.

The rivers that feed into the basin bring the run off from agricultural land; 70% of the drainage basin that empties into the lagoon is used for the livestock or agricultural farming with the result that the lagoon fills up with herbicides and pesticides.

Add in the industrial pollution from businesses along the coast and you find a build up of hydrocarbons and heavy metals.

The disruption of natural elements caused by this chemical soup has allowed the development of algal blooms as a result of the elevated nutrient levels.

Then there are hormonal pollutants, oxygen deficiencies, and toxins building up in the natural storage facility provided by the lagoon’s sediments.

Water doesn’t begin to cover it.



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