I’m not a fan of some of the special effects that come with most photo processing packages; the sort of thing where at the click of a button you can render your image into a mosaic, a pencil sketch, an oil painting.  It’s snobbery really, but I want to preserve the image as a photograph rather than pretend to be something it’s not.

And yet my own images are just as artificial in their own way; contrast may have been enhanced, texture layers blended with the original, colour tones added to shadows or highlights, images combined to extend the dynamic range, all and any of which produce an image which could not have been captured with the camera alone.  Are they now disqualified as photographs?

My photograph of San Giorgio Maggiore has appeared here before, but in retrieving it for use in a presentation at work I accidentally applied one of those special effects; posterize.  I could have clicked “undo” but found that I liked the result and ended up using it for the presentation.




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