The staff on board a British express train aren’t renowned for their sartorial qualities, and though that aspect of the passenger experience has improved slightly following rail privatisation, I was still surprised when I saw their Italian equivalents, for not only were the trains stylish, those who worked aboard them were more akin to air crew than train drivers.

I spotted one such driver heading for the sliver of light described in yesterday’s blog and readied myself for the moment when he would be outlined in rim lighting, with highlights beaming from the peak of his cap, but at the crucial moment he changed course to avoid a woman who had stopped right in the spot where I’d planned to shoot him.

I wondered for a moment if the image that I captured was perhaps redeemable by some interaction between the two.  Did their eyes meet?  Did he cast an appreciative eye in her direction as you might expect from un uomo Italiano?  Did she betray a longing for a man in uniform?  No.

Two attempts to shoot an interestingly lit portrait and two failures.

They had so much potential too!




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