It’s one thing to have a talent; quite another to share that talent with the wider public.

For performing artists it goes with the territory to have to manage overcome this; actors and musicians need to find their audience, who will typically ask them to repeat the performance if sufficiently impressive.  On Miles of Aisles Joni Mitchell makes the point that no one ever said to Van Gogh “Paint A Starry Night again”!

The visual artist will share their work, but as often as not they choose when it is ready to be shared; we are more interested in the output than the way in which it is produced.  When I look at a Bailey portrait I might be curious about his lighting methods or exposure choices, but that gets lost in the impact of the final image.

Which must make it nerve wracking when an artist first decides to carry out their work in public with the hope of generating greater interest and therefore more sales.

No nervous twitches in this hand though.



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