I have no idea how much the artists who sell their work along the stretch of Riva degli Schiavoni make from their efforts; there’s certainly plenty of choice between water colours, prints, sketches and the occasional exponent of oils or acrylics.  There are some photographs too.  I wonder who sells the most?

Now I know all too well the extent of the manipulation that can be achieve by Photoshop, but there are limits to what should be achieved in terms of honest representation, and also to how much effort would be required to produce such an effect.  An artist however is constrained only by their imagination.

Which means that a representation of the Rialto Bridge like this would be virtually impossible photographically.  There are no places to stand where you can achieve such a tight angle that the arch would seem tall rather than broad; I know because I photographed the bridge last Christmas from both sides, getting the angle as tight as possible within the constraints of actually having something to stand on!  Does the artist have an unfair advantage?

And where did that column come from?

Everything looks better in a painting, doesn’t it?

Steve Coogan – The Trip to Italy



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