Any attempt to give a genuine sense of what it’s like to walk the streets of Cuba’s capital using just photography is destined to fail.  You need to engage all your senses here; to taste rum and coffee, to feel the heat and the rain.  Every corner turned brings a new scent to your nostrils, diesel, urine, hot fat, faeces, flowers, cigar smoke, musty books and more.

And then there is the noise.  Every vehicle is honking; warning other road users, attracting attention to start a conversation, pitching for taxi fares.

Surprisingly, above all that clamour, you can hear birds.  Diminutive pigeons are common, as are flycatchers, kingbirds, swifts and swallows.  Red legged thrushes hopping cheekily around the benches of any small park are joined by sparrows in numbers that were once commonplace in the UK but sadly no longer.  Over the sea you may spot pelicans as well as a myriad of gulls and terns.  I knew that the island would be home to many tropical species beyond Havana, but I was surprised at the numbers in the bustling urban landscape, but it seems that on these streets anything goes!


8 thoughts on “Bird (Habana 5)

    1. Thank you so much – I’m just warming to the task. There are a couple of peacocks in the grounds of the Hotel Nacional which are also cooperative enough to display at regular intervals!

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