A couple of years ago I managed, for almost a year, to take a portrait every day, usually of complete strangers.  One of the things that I noticed from all those interactions was that the typical male response to being asked for a photograph, was immediate agreement.  No questions asked, just strike a pose.

Was this the equivalent of the preening and display of so many male members of the animal kingdom?  I don’t know, but I was frequently reminded of it in Venice and more often than not by men in water taxis who whenever they weren’t on a job would seem to need somewhere to pose in public view!  Perhaps it’s an ingrained behaviour, because this guy was working when I took this, but had to stop to allow another vessel right of way under a bridge.

He’d already caught my attention with his white mane and matching facial hair, but as he came to a halt, even for just a few seconds, he struck a pose…



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