Power Trio

All the swapping of lenses that I undertook in Havana wasn’t really recommended for the health of my camera sensor, especially on the dry days when there was so much dust around that even the swiftest of changeovers was bound to let some of the stuff into the body of my Canon.

Most of it could be removed with the camera’s own sensor cleaning tool (which seems to be something akin to giving it a good shake at high-speed) but some particles remained.  I spent quite a bit of time retouching skies in my pictures where a close look originally revealed the tell-tale blobs of dust on a sensor.

As I’m shooting for a client next weekend I dashed into Newcastle this morning to remedy the problem with the help of a specialist, and half an hour later we were as good as new.  So what should I point my lens at while I was there?

APW_1223For a little while I toyed with the potential that these round seating areas provided, but the I couldn’t align the overhead shot quite as I wanted without risking camera or photographer disappearing over a parapet.  No, something else was needed.

Now Newcastle is used to people behaving strangely at all times of the day and night (it used to be the party city of choice for students, stags and hens) so the behaviour of these young ladies didn’t raise too much of an eyebrow, especially as the cause of their gyrations was just beside me.

A great little band comprising of drums, trumpet and most importantly baritone sax were ripping out some great rasping rhythms.  Not quite the Havana experience and a lot less gentrified.  I didn’t hear them play Guantanamera once!


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