John Anglicus?* (Venezia 277)

Sometimes I capture an image on the spur of the moment because for me it contains some magic or meaning, even though at that moment in time I have no idea why.

This shot is a case in point.  Strada Nuova is one of those Venetian rarities, a broad shopping street with an array of clothes shops that, comparatively speaking, don’t charge astronomic prices.  Consequently you will find the tourist throng peppered with locals who have their own sense of style.  This couple, both dressed in white, with hair to match, were certainly striking, but I don’t think that’s it.

I kept coming back to the picture over the weeks that followed its creation, and I began to understand that it was the woman who held my attention, but I was still unsure as to why.  Her bone structure is impressive, though a little pronounced when it comes to that expanse of sternum on display.  Still that expanse of chest allows her jewellery to be displayed with simplicity… which is when the penny dropped I think.

Those beads reminded me of a rosary around the neck of a cardinal, and her hair drawn back has echoes of a zucchettothe small skull cap worn by the same clerics.  Bizarre as it may seem, given the inherent sexual discrimination of the Roman Catholic church, this woman in white reminds me of a pope!

Now if only I could work out which one…


Or was it just that the man reminded me of Picasso?!

*John Anglicus is reputedly the name adopted by the mythical Pope Joan, but that’s a whole other story!

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