Today’s post breaks the norm by including two images, but you’ll see why as I tell the story.

I’d spotted a junction where to position their gondole correctly for the turn ahead, the oarsmen were drifting close to a wall and then pushing off from that wall with their left foot to swing the stern of their boats further, and so I thought if I stood and waited for a while I might get an interesting action shot.  Of course what resulted was a succession of vessels that went straight ahead under the bridge where I was standing with no need for such an adjustment.

I was ready to give up when another story began to unfold.  An approaching gondola carried two pretty girls in short white lacy dresses that contrasted with the hard black lines of their chosen transport, so I was thinking about the possibilities of the image when the gondolier bent down and instructed them to go to the other end of the boat.  Much wobbling and nervous shrieking ensured as the girls manoeuvred around each other and took their places in the prow where they now sat facing the rower.Venezia-13

They were still laughing as they emerged from under the bridge and posed for me.

I wonder what excuse he gave for having the girls sit opposite him!Venezia-14


2 thoughts on “Belle Donne (Venezia 273)

  1. They are luscious, pristine beauties and I’m glad they posed for you. I adore those lacy dresses and I’m sure the gondolier used his “spider senses” to make sure you got a great shot. x

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