Placing a poster (graphic attached to a wall) at waist height doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense if you want to get noticed, but then some of the walls are so covered in notices and flyers that perhaps the poster (as in person who posted it) felt they had no choice.

It’s almost enough to make it invisible, or at least unnoticed, which is surely not the case when the addition of the masked rabbit is such a deliberate act.  If you’ve gone to the trouble of doing that surely you want someone to see it.

And then there’s the poster (graphic attached to a wall), an advertisement for a film released in 1962 and made in Austria; original title Romanze in Venedig.  Someone went to some trouble to get hold of an Italian and Anglicised version, so that suggests an intention to communicate with most of the passers-by here, though as you can see, it failed with one woman at least.

All in all, it’s a bit of a poser (baffling question or problem).



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