When I was young a call home from an overseas trip meant having handfuls of change at the ready to feed into the phone in an infusion that kept the call alive.  Then as a young adult, the process became slightly more civilized with the introduction of phone cards that you could charge up with cash in advance so that your pockets no longer groaned under the weight of loose metal.

When I travelled to Nepal a number of years back, paying for your call wasn’t really the challenge so much as finding somewhere to make the call from!  In the larger towns a single retailer would open a shop where you could call or email home so long as you had a credit card or a handful of Nepali rupees to cover the cost.

In Tanzania the solution was to buy a local prepaid SIM for your mobile and then marvel at the quality of coverage for cellular phones in East Africa.

For the rest of the time we rely upon connecting to local networks and bracing yourself for the cost of roaming, though to be fair this has reduced significantly in recent years.

Which makes the sight of this collection of payphones in a sotoportego seems so anachronistic.



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