Footwear choice is an important consideration for travellers.  Something comfortable in the temperatures of your destination, robust enough to take a few knocks when manoeuvring through crowds who care little about dragging their luggage over your foot, smart enough to be acceptable in your chic hotel maybe?  Everyone has different choices to make, but in Venice, even if you’re a local, you have to consider pathways that have centuries of wear and tear, occasional pools that have spilled over from the canals, steps up and down bridges, the shifting pontoons of vaporetto stops, and more hazards that are uniquely Venetian.

Which makes they choice of such vertiginous heels extraordinary, even it they were being worn on a boat trip at the time of shooting.  I can only assume that the wearer didn’t have far to go!



9 thoughts on “Stilletto e Vaporetto (Venezia 249)

  1. I love this photo a lot and may I say, I regularly travel in those kinds of shoes. They make for interesting conversations with customs officials. They’re more comfortable than they appear. However, I recently started wearing flats. It’s quite an adjustment.

      1. Yes. The things I’ve witnessed at customs when they decide to open my suitcase would fill a book of science non fiction. I love to wear “things” with lots of hooks to set off the alarms and then wait for them to wave the wand down my back. Death by a hundred blips. I’m evil, I know.

      2. May I add a compliment, without weirding you out, that looking at your photos has altered my aesthetic a little bit. Which is saying much. I’ve seen photos but this is refined. It’s rare and I thank you for this. Now my brain is rewiring itself. x

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