A long weekend.

No pressure.

Not much to do.

Not likely to find any shots to blog.

A weekend for a bit of diy perhaps?  Shopping? Visiting friends?  A little chocolate egg consumption?

APW_8068Let’s get the first one out of the way.  Call it vanity if you will, but with a week in Havana less than a month away this is a time for restraint.  Have to rediscover my bikini body somehow, so I’ll be skipping the eggs until this guy lays me some!



Yes, I did a bit of that.  With a bit of inspiration from Kevin Kubota, and assorted lengths of toilet overflow pipe I made a frame for a scrim.  (A large panel for diffusing light to the uninitiated).  Fabric to cover it bought online; I’d already saved a couple of hundred pounds, but now we hit a snag.  Fabric needs cutting, hemming, and elasticating to fit the frame.  Possessing neither the skills nor the equipment for the job, it was time to go shopping.  Into a fancy dress shop in Durham where the man behind the counter solved my problem for the princely sum of £6.50.  There is clearly profit to be made in manufacturing scrims!

Unexpectedly the shopping trip also provided an image.  Ascending the stairs in the city car park I looked out over a parapet and saw this umbrella.  Who could resist?APW_7985-Edit

So to the visiting friends.  I’ve been commissioned to shoot a boudoir set, but with a difference.  My client told me that whilst she would be happy to shoot some of it in the cottage where she lives, some friends of hers had a property that they had offered to her if I felt it had possibilities, so I went for a bit of a recce.

Which is how I came to be sitting in the living room of a successful couple of entrepreneurs who own a country house in Northumberland.  Does it have possibilities as a photogenic venue?  I spotted one or two.

APW_8006I even found time to do some test shots for my client… didn’t use the scrim though!



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