To celebrate the Silver Wedding Anniversary of King Umberto I, the Venetian City Council decided to create a biennial art exhibition for works of Italian art.  That was in 1893.

Shortly afterwards it was agreed to include works by artists of other nationalities and the Venice Biennale was underway.

Nowadays the park which hosts the exhibition has pavilions which are owned by another 29 countries and managed by their respective departments of government with responsibility for the arts.  That’s not the end of it though, other countries that don’t own pavilions have been offered spaces around the city in a smart move that provides for the restoration of important buildings so that in 2012 Mexico were allocated the church of San Lorenzo in Castello for nine years on condition that they restore the building.

There are also occasionally unofficial pavilions that spring up, and in 2011 there was an internet pavilion too.

All of which explains why I found this piece of graffiti amusing…




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