If I’m honest I did become a little obsessed by the lines of bricole disappearing into the distant reaches of the lagoon, particularly when visibility was limited by the heat haze arising from the waters.  They are easy enough to shoot from the fondamente of Lido or Sant’Elena, but when you’re shooting from a moving vessel, then you need to be thinking about your shutter speed so that the gentle movement of the waves doesn’t unduly blur your results.

That becomes more important when the skies are dark with rain clouds.  Now you have less light, so your camera is begging you to open the shutter for longer so it can suck in more photons.  Thrown in some choppy waters as the storm takes hold and you should really give up or adopt a really high (and therefore poorer quality) ISO.

Or you can embrace the conditions, keep the shutter open, and hope to create something abstract.  I quite like the ethereal outcome, probably enough to have a canvas made – what do you think?Venezia-1

(Image processed in Black & White then washed with a sea green soft light layer in photoshop before adding a monochrome texture)




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