I was surprised when the name John Grundy came up in conversation the other day.

John who?

Well if you reside outside the North East of England you might well ask, but he’s a former teacher turned historian, writer and TV presenter.  He first came to my attention in the 1980’s when he produced a series of programmes for the BBC that were broadcast in the North East of England.  Entitled Townscape they focused on interesting buildings in the region.

You can see why I was surprised.

Sitting drinking coffee in Newcastle today I was wondering what to shoot for the blog.  The look on this little boy’s face as the pigeons he was feeding suddenly too flight was interesting, but not enough to make a post out of.APW_7686The light was directly opposite me so I thought about some backlit images.  There were plenty of smokers about so I took advantage of their habit to feed mine.

Ultimately it was unsatisfying though; what I really needed was a glorious redhead to walk by and let the light set her locks aflame.  There was none.  The woman at the table beside me might have qualified, but she was going nowhere fast.


But as I left I was reminded of Grundy.  One of the things that has remained with me from watching his programmes is to raise my eyes above street level to see what the environment has to offer, though of course it’s a characteristic that photography encourages and benefits from.

I had only to walk 50 yards to find so much.


And if they shout
Don’t let it change a thing that you’re doing
Hold your head up

Argent – Hold Your Head Up



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