Get your excuses in first they say so before we look at any of the imagery from inside Ely, I need to make some qualifying remark about the conditions they were taken in.  The traditional design for a cathedral isn’t light and airy; medieval architecture favoured tall narrow windows because they were easier to construct in heavy thick walls.  Gothic style produces Gothic lighting.

So as I didn’t have a tripod to shoot long exposures in the gloom, I had to resort to a high ISO.  Less chance of blurring, but much of the sharp detail lost to the resulting noise.  Technical details, but a necessary compromise if I was to get some shots.

Next decision was the choice of lens.

Ely is vast, so a wide angle gives some sense of scale…

Choosing monochrome processing adds to the Gothic feel too, but it doesn’t tell the whole story:APW_6897_8_9-Edit



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