A young and attractive couple stroll in a leisurely fashion through the spaces of Cannaregio, taking in the atmosphere of the early evening when life in the city seems less frenetic.  In many Italian towns and cities this is the passeggiata, a social display ritual for showing off your latest fashions, or if that has proved successful, your latest romance.  The older generations aren’t excluded from the process; they congregate in small groups to sit and chat as they watch the show unfold.

I’ve never really noticed it to the same extent in Venice; perhaps because the most obvious location to parade, St Marks, is already so full of tourists that it’s difficult to stand out from the crowd.

Anyway back to our young couple.  They caught my attention initially as the young woman gesticulated with the rose that she is carrying, the final detail to confirm the aura of romance around them.  What a pity that as I continued to shoot they managed to have a row over his failure to light her cigarette.

Which image to post then?

Let’s preserve the illusion.Venezia-3



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