I’m sure somewhere someone has published a book, or at the very least a blog, on the topic of Venetian wellheads.  Once the source of drinking water in every parish they drilled deep beneath the lagoon in search of fresh water, there are hundreds dotted around the city.  But not as many as there were.  They are all capped now, not just because there is water piped to homes and businesses now, but also because it was realised that drawing the water was one of the factors contributing to the sinking foundations of La Serenissima.

Like the buildings around them, they reflect the changing tastes and styles of design through history, but unlike the buildings they are relatively portable.  Where once there were thousands in the city there are now something like 700.  Several can now be found in the British Isles, some in the care of the V&A and the National Trust for example.  Clearly for the well to do Englishman you were no one until you had a Venetian wellhead!

This is one of the pair of 15th century examples in Campo Sant’Angelo.



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